Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's this All About?

The purpose of this blog is to showcase my card readings for potential clients. Click the links below to see some sample readings.

A divination I did for myself

A reading I did for a friend

A reading I did on request

The cost for a private reading by email is $50. Receive your reading free if you purchase an autographed copy of my book (50% of all profits from the book are donated to the World Health Organization's mental health division) or if you allow me to showcase your reading on this blog. I will not use your real name should you agree to allow me to use your reading as an example. The reason I chose to give and option to receive a free reading is threefold. First, I would like to offer an incentive to promote my book, which may entertain and guide others, and which has a philanthropic purpose. Second, I fully understand that not everyone who needs guidance can afford to pay the full fee and I want to offer everyone an opportunity to receive the help they need. Third, I hope to build a client base and believe that a good way to do this is to offer a sample of what my clients can expect from me. I believe that offering the free readings as an incentive is mutually beneficial to myself and those who seek my assistance.

I utilize Tarot cards and various other divination decks to perform my readings. I do not see these divinations as necessarily predicting the future so much as indicating strong energies exerting influences on a person's life. They can guide a client to know what parts of their life need particular attention, which things should be pursued and which things should be changed. Past life influences are sometimes revealed as well.
I enjoy assisting others and look forward to helping you.

Blessed Be,
Lily Strange

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