Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blog Merger

Thank you to everybody who subscribed, I really do appreciate it. I have been advised by my spirit guides to simplify my overly convoluted life. Chaos is in fact a symptom of bipolar disorder but in my case I think the psych diagnosis just happens to fit the condition of my soul. In keeping with their advice I am trying to make small changes that lead to larger and/or more permanent changes. Taking baby steps so to speak.
I have a tendency to obsessively categorize things, and my system makes sense to nobody but me. This is why I have so many blogs. I am trying to condense those that have similar content. Therefore, this blog is going to merge with the longer-established Gnutty Gnostic blog which also features metaphysical essays (and the occasional dalliance with useless foolishness.) Thanks for your support and we hope you find that the Gnutty Gnostic provides you with satisfaction for your mental ruminations.
Lily and the Ghost

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