Monday, September 1, 2008


This is from an email I sent to my son who just went to college.

Hi Dude,
Dad and I saw a badger crossing the highway on the way home! I've never seen a badger before outside a zoo and didn't even know they lived in Colorado. As an animal totem, the Badger signifies abandoning compromise and fighting valiantly for what you believe in. You will know or come to know what this means for you. For me it means ceasing allowing others' beliefs to define what I do and so I have paid the $35 fee to publish my second book when its done. Just because my books never make much money doesn't mean they are invalid. I am learning to spend what money I do have more wisely. You seem to have a natural knack for being frugal--it is a good skill!
Badgers are tough and scrappy and we both need to be this way at least mentally and emotionally and not allow feelings of self doubt to defeat us. But badgers also like to play. I tend to be way too "all business" with myself. The key is balance.
I hope you have a wonderful first day and that all that follow are positive growth experiences for you too.


C.J. Duffy said...

We have loads of badgers (Brook as we call 'em) over her in Brit. Sad thing is most of them are roadkill. They are beautiful creatures too and bloody fierce if cornered.

Lily Strange said...

Hi C.J.
I had never seen a badger in the wild before. We end up having a lot of porcupines and raccoons end up as roadkill. A raccoon is a pretty tough customer too. I wonder who would win in a fight, a raccoon or a badger?