Monday, November 3, 2008

Remembering a time

I only once did readings in a bar. I wasn't comfortable doing them in that atmosphere and have never done so again. There was this annoying girl that kept coming back and heckling me because I couldn't tell her where the bathroom was. One of her friends came and told me "people like you scare her." I said I'd encountered that sort of attitude more than once.
On that particular night, however, I'll always remember that this very nice young man came to me and said he had something very important to tell his family but didn't know what to do because he was afraid they might be angry. It was pretty obvious from the cards and just what I sensed that he was wanting to come out. The cards revealed that things would be rough at first but after a bit of time his family would come to accept it because they truly cared about him. He was so happy. I'm always pleased if I can help people in that way. Those people are the reason that I keep trying.


masterymistery said...

What about the planet herself---have you done / can you do a reading for Gaia re the next few years? According to the Aztecs, 2012 will be quite a difficult year. What do you think?

Lily Strange said...

I'm really not one of those people that can do readings for mass events, although I have a tendency to have precognitive dreams, so if there were some kind of mass cataclysm in the offing, I might dream about it. It never hurts to send healing energy to the planet, though. With everything humanity is doing to try and kill her off, she needs all the help she can get. And I do my own puny little part and try to recycle and stuff.