Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reading for Masterymystery

This reading is for MasteryMistery, an online friend of mine. Click here to visit his blog, Cosmic Rapture. Certified unsafe for dullards and conformists.
Sorry to have procrastinated getting on this, it wasn't intentional. I was more worn out than usual, adjusting to my new schedule. At least that's my excuse this time.
The focus card is the Princess of Stones. If representing a person, this is a young female, under the age of 30. She is likely to have a swarthy complexion, dark hair and dark eyes. If not representing an actual person, it represents the qualities of studiousness, kindness, and openmindedness. It can also represent a message about a new opportunity that will open the door to many possibilities.
This card is crossed by the Magician, which is a highly powerful energy of creation and manifestation. The Magician manifests what he or she wants through use of his/her skills. Given your ability with words, I would say that this energy originates with you. Your creative powers are very strong. The letter B is indicated by this card.
The card in the Goal or Destiny position is the three of stones. This card indicates mastery in one's chosen craft and the ability to use one's creative abilities to advantage. This is a very fortunate card for a person who enjoys doing creative work. If it was your wish to gain a wider audience for your writing, now would be the time to begin promoting through new channels. There is a warning not to mix your business life with your personal life and that benefit will come from the assistance of an unlikely individual. Working with a charitable organization will be beneficial to you as well. The letter N is indicated by this card.
In the foundation position is the two of stones. This indicates that you have generally always been able to get along with others. You have a generally balanced personality that lends itself to diplomacy, which will continue to serve you along the way. The letter M is indicated by this card.
In the recent past, there has been upset in your life, as indicated by the Tower. The atmosphere was such that arguments were wont to erupt more quickly than usual between people who were close to you, and this is bothersome to your generally diplomatic nature. As well, your own energies have been depleted to the point of near collapse. This card is a warning to cease any negative activities, i.e. bad habits such as drinking to numb painful feelings. As well, there is an indication of past negativity that has been buried in your psyche bringing forth painful emotions. Recent upheavals in relationships with others are more likely to have past upsets than current concerns as their real basis. Look beneath the surface.
The letters Qu are indicated by this card.
The eight of wands falls in the future events position. This is a card indicating events that transpire with great haste. This card indicates a need to make decisions swiftly with any opportunities that present themselves, a reversal of fortune for the better, and general positive outcomes, though things may at time seem overwhelming. There is, however, a warning not to open yourself up too much, as angry emotions on the parts of other parties may cause them to use your vulnerability against you. There is an indication of jealousy on the part of someone close to you, which strains your relationship with them. The letter H is indicated with the appearance of this card.
The card of the self in this reading is the Hanged Man. This again reflects a creative spirit, a unique personality. However, in spite of the positive aspects of being such a person, it can lead one to feel like the "odd man out" and like one does not belong. This card advises the seeker not to worry about fitting in with the crowd. Use the flexible aspects of your nature to initiate positive change for your life. There is also an indication that activities such as meditation could be helpful to the psyche. The letter M is indicated by this card.
The two of Swords falls in the environmental factors position. Whatever upheavals were indicated by the Tower, the parties involved are willing to work on peaceful solutions to the problems between them. Now is the time for diplomacy. The atmosphere is right for improving all matters in your life, but particularly any involving strife with others. The letter B is indicated by this card.
The ace of cups is in the hopes and fears position. This indicates the desire for a new beginning. The letter L is indicated by this card.
In the outcome position is the ten of swords. This indicates feelings of sorrow and despair that are not easily shaken. This may be a depressive spell or it may be residual feelings from the upheaval indicated by the Tower card, or some of both. There is a temptation to give up on everything. It is never advised to allow despair to kill your dreams, although at times the despair may seem to blanket everything. Look instead to the positive reversal of fortune indicated in the near future. It may be tempting to run away from the entire situation, but that would solve nothing. Face the trouble head-on and in as calm a manner as possible. This is the only way to heal any strife between you and others and to begin to heal the hurt you feel. The letter J is indicated by this card.
While not required, if you have any interest in crystals and stones, these ones are indicated by the card in this reading as drawing positive energies at this time:
Gold topaz, a stone said to draw good fortune and wealth, and also a purifying stone.
Opal, which both draws positive energies and reflects negative ones.
Turquoise is strongly indicated. This stone both helps boost the immune system and helps facilitate communications between people.
Ruby, garnet or bloodstone, which balance the energies of the heart and help facilitate healing.
Agate, which facilitates calm energies and communications. In conjunction with turquoise, this could be very beneficial.
Beryl, a green stone which helps with psychic receptivity and drawing the energies of love and peace.
Sapphire, which draws vibrations from the higher planes and helps with psychic abilities, protection, and calming or meditative energies.
There are Hebrew letters and runes that come into play as well.
Beth (House) is the first letter of the Torah. It means "in the beginning." It cautions against escaping into frivolous activities. Creating is never a frivolous activity. Playing video games for hours at a time is. I wished to give perspective, as there are those who find creative work "frivolous." The Universe does not. It indicates that this would be a good time to start a new venture.
The rune Peorth indicates that you are becoming the person you were meant to become in this lifetime. Open your mind to your natural psychic intuition and pay attention to dreams. You may be surprised at your level of intuitiveness.
The hebrew letter Peh (Mouth) indicates that you tend to think in extremes and are particularly hard on yourself. Ease up and do not be so harsh on yourself. This will also improve your relations with others.
The rune Yr is a warning not to give in to the negativity of others. You are vulnerable right now. Be true to yourself.
The Hebrew letter Lamed (Ox-Goad) indicates that you have been thinking too much with your head and not enough with your heart when it comes to knowing what is right for you. Get in touch with your true inner feelings. Meditate, and when in a relaxed state, ponder on what you really want. In today's world, we often tend to focus too much on material possessions. These may even be necessary, but they are not the heart's desire. There is a need for balance.
The rune Tyr represents personal sacrifices and a charitable nature. Even if feeling combative towards a particularly aggravating individual or situation, meet the challenge with a peaceful conciliatory nature, and things will go far better.
There is also a numerology portion of the reading that I can do if you want to let me know your date of birth. You can email it to me if you would prefer.
I hope you found this helpful in some way. My goal is to assist others with this in any way I can.


masterymistery said...

Thank you Lily for an eerily accurate portrait. Greatly appreciated. I've emailed you my birth date and look forward to the numerological aspects.

CLAY said...

This is intriguing. I love useful information, thank you very much.

Ever Yours,
Clayrn Darrow

Lily Strange said...

I have finally sent out the numerology stuff. I find myself chasing myself lately.

Glad you found it interesting. If you know anyone who needs a reading, be so kind as to point them this way!

masterymistery said...

having now had the opportunity to consider the reading more carefully and in more detail, a number of comments:

At an early age I became aware of my creativity but only in recent years have achieved a level of craftsmanship enabling me to enjoy my own creative product. This ties in to your injunction not to be so hard on myself which also translates into "cut yourself some slack" / "praise yourself" / "appreciate yourself".

I think I am getting closer to mastery in the three fields of music, visual arts, and writing. But still a long way to go...

Re "the Hanged Man" I have felt alienated and apart for as long as I can remember. Certainly since the age of nine. which is when I started to become self-aware and wondered if others were experiencing the same.

Nowadays, I am still apart, far apart, but no longer as alienated. I have learned how isolation does not necessarily mean alienation. One of my favourite Nietzche quotes is, "Flee into thy solitude! Keep thyself from the flies and the pestilent men."

"The ace of cups is in the hopes and fears position. This indicates the desire for a new beginning. The letter L is indicated by this card."

I hope for a new beginning re my relationship with my estranged daughter, L.

I could go on --- there are numerous serendipitous (don't you love that word?) resonances in the reading --- but that's enough for now.

Thanks again for some valuable new insights I can apply to my project (perfecting myself!).