Monday, March 31, 2008

Reading Choices

You now have choices as to whose voice you want interpreting your reading. You have, of course, Lily, who will give you straightforward advice in a compassionate manner. But you also now have Lily's alter-ego, Poison Ivy, who is much snarkier and far more brutally honest. While even Poison Ivy would never be so cruel as to tell someone that their loved one was going to die so just get over it, she will tell clients that their boyfriend is a cheating jerk or their job is doing nothing more than give them practice in posterior osculation.
Either way, you will get the truth, but if you are feeling like you are in need of the gloves-off approach to shake you into action rather than the comforting touch of a hand in a velvet glove, so to speak, choose your Poison and let Poison Ivy shake you into action.
For a more esoteric approach, Lily can also consult Shadow Lurker, the gentler aspect of her co-author. Like Lily, he will dispense advice with a compassionate tone, but can tend to be cryptic and tends to speak in terms of topics such as energy flow and aura disruption as this is the way he sees things. The Undead Asshole is Shadow Lurker's snarkier alter-ego and will not hold back on telling a client that, for instance, she is involved with a worthless ass or that if someone chooses to continue on their current path it isn't his fault if their life ends up being a miserable pile of shit. The Undead Asshole swears a lot, and his approach may be offensive to those lacking either a thick skin or a sense of humor.
The Mysterious Spectre is "like a box of choclits. You never know what spirit you're gonna get." I actually created this profile for a certain spirit friend to speak through on the Gnutty Gnostic blog if he chose to, but other spirits whom I've affiliated will utilize it as well. None of them will give their names--they find the anonymity aspect fun. If you're in the mood to roll the dice and see what you get, ask me to channel "the Mysterious Spectre."
If you'd like to have your reading published here, just leave a comment and let us know who you want to have do the reading. If you'd prefer a private reading via email, contact me at and we'll discuss your needs. All I ask in return for a private reading is a donation of whatever size you can afford, which will help me offset the cost of maintaining my domain and promoting our book.
Blessed be,
Lily and Friends

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